Why should you associate with us?

We have gained salience in the global marketplace due to our key strengths like:

Experience of International markets and customers: Our surveys and international dealings provide us understanding of the customer’s requirements and enable us to put forth various profitable suggestions.

Selecting the right vendors: We source products from manufacturers who are amongst the best in the industry and have the competency to meet the desired output levels and quality.

Production planning: Through cost negotiations, use of best materials & processes and stringent quality control, we ensure that all the specifications are fully met with.

Sourcing products: We conveniently arrange for you, a variety of unusual sizes and hard-to-find goods. You receive the product of your exact choice & specifications in terms of colours, size, design etc

Efficient logistics: With a team of dedicated professionals, we ensure excellent service to our customers, that encompasses:

On-time sampling; Shorter lead times; Careful packaging; Timely delivery of the consignment.

Value Customer Feedback : If for some reason the product or services provided does not meet your expectations, please tell us the cause of dissatisfaction and we will improve on it .

Easy payment options and complete privacy: A number of payment options are offered to the client. Also, we assure that the identity of the clients (database)and the product designs are fully protected.

We are accountable and accessible in both country of origin and country of destination.

We have been in business for close to two decades.

Our Quality department is located in 4 different states in India enabling smooth monitoring.

We are represented in Jamestown, RI 02835, USA

We also have our merchandising & quality staff based in China.