About our Services:

  • Sourcing
  • Merchandising
  • Product Development
  • Quality Control
  • Compliance & Logistics
  • Vendor Rating
  • Designing
  • Consultancy
  • Technical & Social Compliance
  • Vendor base development & Management
  • Design Registration & Protection


With an unmatched access to authentic and choicest of products from India, J.Nitin Merchandising is a resourceful, flexible and quality conscious sourcing and buying agent. With our reputation for adherence to high quality, we have ensured enduring relationships with our buyers for products such as apparel, home furnishings, furniture, decorative pieces, gift items and a whole gamut of fashion accessories.
We are your one stop source for Wholesale or Retail items, Seasonal items as well as Treasure hunt goods. Utilizing our resources and exploiting our strengths to the maximum, we offer “the luxury of a one-stop shop” to our customer’s by acting as agents, manufacturers, producers and even as supply chain managers for them.


We are one stop shop for all your requirements

 Our Services : Sourcing & Procurement,  Merchandising,  Product Development, Quality Control & Inspection, Logistics, Design Registration & protection, Vendor base development & management, Vendor Rating, Designing, Technical & Social compliance, Consultancy etc.

Product categories:

Apparel – we can source all categories- menswear, womenswear, kidswear, knits, woven, footwear, accessories

Bed Linen, Bath Linen, Kitchen Textiles, Floor Covering, Furniture, Home Decorative Accessories { made of glass, wood, leather, metal & combinations }, Christmas Decorative, Candles & fragrances, Fashion Jewellery, Table Top / Dinnerware, Stationary, Footwear, Accessories, Ready to Eat packed food, Cookware, Hand Tools, Lighting etc. The list goes on based on client requirements.

How we work?

From product design and development, through raw material and factory sourcing, production planning and management, quality assurance and export documentation to final shipping, social compliance etc all the aspects are handled by us.
We work closely with our clients and endeavor to meet the exact specifications keeping in mind the requirements of our customers, manufacturing units are carefully selected after a detailed study (of processes, equipment, infrastructure, quality control systems etc.). We also negotiate with the vendors on behalf of our customers and pass them this added monetary gain.

Merchandising , Product Development & Logistics :

We strive to source best possible product at best possible price meeting all our client requirements. The essence lies with effective Merchandising & Product development.
We enable sourcing & development of best possible product at best possible price from the best source.
Our team endeavor is to study design & product requirements, interpret what is required & then effectively explain the vendor about expectations enabling correct execution keeping in mind production feasibility.
We stand for effective communication between our principals and the vendor enabling bridging the understanding gap .
Logistics team at J Nitin Merchandising enables cost effective & timely delivery of merchandise to our clients. You work with us & do not need worry about documentation; HS codes etc. You would be communicated well in advance of your deliveries.

Quality Control :

Vendor selection: Some of the prerequisites that we look for, in our vendor are: technical abilities, factory layout, equipment, personnel, productivity, financial strength and reputation, based on years of experience & interaction. If our client prefers a particular vendor, we will coordinate with them.
Briefing the vendor: A correct and unambiguous briefing is essential for a “first time right” product. Our expert and cognizant team members interact on a “one to one” basis with the vendors to give them a product briefing and explain the details (related to dimension, designing, process to be used etc).
Sample production & Order : The production of the ordered lot, starts only once the sample produced by the vendor is up to the mark.
In-house quality check : Our quality controllers ensure that quality is maintained throughout the production process. The sample is sent to us for due verification.
Client’s approval: Once the product satisfies us, we send it to the client for his final approval. If any modification is desired, we again send it back to the vendor and all the changes are carried out to meet the exact specification.
Mass production starts, in batches: After approval, the production starts on a full scale. In order to keep a check, it is broken down into smaller lots.
Quality check at site: At this step, again we do a quality check. This is done not only to ensure the quality of finished product, but also considers the warehousing conditions. The place must be spacious and fit for storing the end goods.
After the completion of the manufacturing  process, the product is thoroughly checked on acceptable AQL.
Packed and dispatched: We ensure on-time deliveries to our clients. Appropriate  packaging ensures minimal loss during transit and ease in unloading. If client needs a particular type of packaging, we can arrange for it. All the shipping and documentation are also coordinated by us to reduce the workload of our client.

Basically we have 3 step quality check process: In Line, Mid Line & Final Inspection.


We ensure strict adherence to Technical & Social compliance norms.
Ongoing audits helps ensure that all suppliers with whom we work are in complete compliance with essential social, labor, human rights and environmental standards.

Working Conditions & essentials

Workplace: Vendors to provide a safe and healthy workplace that complies with all local laws.
Working Hours: Overtime worked should be compensated and in compliance with local laws. Vendors are encouraged to allow their workers to have at least one day off in seven.
Fair Wages: Employees must be paid in accordance with the local and/or national laws or regulations as a minimum standard.
Freedom of Expression & Association: Workers to have the freedom to organize & express .